April 20, 2013

orang suka domo kun

segmen kenalkan diri - CIK i l y

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1. Real name: Amirah Syazliyana bt Rosidi
2. Nickname: Nana, kakak
3. Starsign and Age:  Aries & 14 y/o
4. Male or Female: Female leww.

8. Other: instagram: syazliyana_nana

9. Hair color: black
10. Long or short:  long ma~

11. Loud or Quiet:  quiet :P
12. Sweats or Jeans:  both kot
13. Phone or camera: phone
14. Health Freak: noooo
15. Drink or smoke: nooo

16. Do you have a crush on someone: idk. keliru dgn perasaan sndiri lol k

17. Eat or drink:  both
18. Piercings: tak suka
19. Tattoos: never

Have You EverBeen in a relationship: nope
Quarrel with someone u like: not yet haha

Been in a car accident: nope

Been in a fist fight: ntah

First Piercing: no la

Best Friend(s): kirah, zaietty, fazlin, wan nadiah, neesa, khalissa, wani

Award(s): pelajar cemerlang di skolah agama ~

Crush: ...

Vacation: UK 

Last Person you talked to: my beloved mom

Person you texted to: dont remember haha

Person(s) you watched movie with: no one

Food you ate: mihun sup
Drink you drank: milo milo~

Movie you watched: banyak.. tak ingt haha

Song listened to: gwiyomi? lol

Thing(s) you bought: nothing

Person you hugged: tak ingat

Favourite Food: nasi ayammmmmmm

Drinks: sirap, milo, coolblog vanilla oreo, ice blended oreo coklat hihi

Have you ever Kissed in the snow: di sini tiada snow yah. 
Celebrated Halloween: nooo coz im muslim
Had your heart broken: yeah ):
Went over the limits on your cell phone: ntah
Came out of the closet: err no

Gotten pregnant: nnt bila dah kahwin :P
Had an abortion: no lah

Done something you've regretted: ada lahhh
Broke a promise: yeah maybe
Hide a secret: yeah of course
Pretended to be happy: sometimes
Met someone who changed your life: yeah mah bestfriends 
Pretended to be sick: yeah when i was child :P
Left the country: err no

Tried something you normally wouldn't try: ntah
Cried over the silliest thing: yeah :p
Ran a mile: ntah la
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): pernah ke? tak kot

Stay single the whole year: already 14 years.. haha im never being in relay~

Currently Eating: 
Listening to: berita tv3 :p

Waiting for: my mum to buy my food// habis sekolah// my prince charming kahkah

Your future

Want kids: haruslah
Want to get married: haruslah
Careers in mind: saintis. insyaallah

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: lips
Shorter or taller: taller
Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
Nice stomach or nice arm: arm
Sensitive or loud: loud
Single or relationship: dontknowww
Noisy or quiet: ikut keadaan laa

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: yeah
Ran aways from home: never
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: yess! 
Broke someone's heart: ada ke....
Been arrested: nooo~~~
Cried when you lost someone: haaaa... no comment.

Do you believe in
Yourself: yea
Miracles: yeah :)
Love at first sight: yes :D
Heaven: yeeeee
Santa Claus: ok ni tak. never haha
Things last forever: i dont think so

Is there one person you want to be with right now: yes
Is there a person you make a promise with now: no kot
Is there a person that you can't forget now: yeah...
Is there something you really want to do now: baca novel.. yeahh
Is there something you really wish to have it now: yeah.. banyak ):
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: yeeee :<

done! ok penat hahah jom join. jwb soalan jeww. tapi banyak ah. hihihi

TAMAT : 01 JUN 2013
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Dianaa said...

thanks tag. nanti akak cuba jawab ea :3

Azwa Ghazali said...


CIK i l y said...

thanks join dan support segmen akk ni. DAN salam kenal :)

ni list-2 blogger lain.. meh kenal-2 dengan dorg jugak :)


Condoriano said...

14 years old, mudanya..
I came from same segment by the way, nice to meet you.

nurul ezzatie zulkarnain said...

dari segmen yang sama ;)


Noor Najwa said...

dri segmen yg sma..blogwalking sini http://muslimahsejati96.blogspot.com/2013/04/segmen-kenalkan-diri-cik-i-l-y.html